Functionally, Stonehewer’s technology allows manufacturers to consider raw material substitution on a significant scale for substantial commercial and application advantages e.g. extruded ultra-thin plastic sheeting, safer railway thermal electrical housing, Conductive 3D printing substrates.
The consistency of both product supply and quality is at the core of Stonehewer’s proposition providing essential reassurance to manufacturers, allowing them to use not just new raw materials but also to develop new products with superior properties.
The potential convenience of dealing with raw materials that are naturally spherical in nature and available at pre-specified sizes is significant for manufacturers in terms of energy, operational and final product benefits.
Customisation – Historically manufacturers have been unable to specify the size and nature of the raw materials they require, adapting their processes to meet that which they could obtain. Stonehewer’s introduction of such increased customer choice represents a huge opportunity for customization at every level of the manufacturing process, which in turn will fuel demand.
Processed Silicate Particles