Stonehewer Industry Regulation


Industry regulators have accepted use of pulverized fly ash within the UK construction industry. The plastic polymer filler markets are well regulated in terms of health and safety around hazards, foods and medicines. But nobody has used minerals fillers at the volumes possible by Stonehewer’s manufacturing techniques.
Industry Approval
Fly ash has been widely used for decades as both a filler and a substitute in manufacturing. It is widely understood but its inconsistent supply and quality (mainly dependent on the carbon content) has prevented its widespread use.
University papers have been written about fly ash separation into useful materials. The only company to attempt to build a commercial ash plant was removed from the joint venture with SSE plc. SSE subsequently completed the ash plant in 2012, but mothballed it citing lack of market demand for products produced. There are two known competitors performing crude separation of larger carbon particles from coal ash. Neither is attempting to create high technology solutions.